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Mike's New Book Is Full of Math, Fun, and (Hopefully Not) A Human Tooth!

Remember how excited Dorothy was when she landed in Oz? She was in a new place, filled with color and tiny people who could sing and dance perfectly choreographed routines without even rehearsing! Even better, she had a mission. Simply follow the yellow brick road and everything would be wonderful. This is powerful magic indeed. Remember, all of this frolicking is going on not twenty feet from a recently-crushed witch corpse, but no one seems to mind.

Do you feel like Dorothy, ready to step out onto the long, magical road of math, full of excitment, dread, and also pigtails and/or a tiny dog? Are you someone lost along the way to Oz and starting to wonder whether it was really worth stopping to help that scarecrow down? I mean, he can't even add fractions for the love of corn. The Humongous Book of Basic Math and Pre-Algebra Problems will take you through the poppy fields, away from the flying monkeys, and right up to the front door of Oz, all oiled up and ready to go.

Feel like you need a new brain when you're in a math class? Are your computational skills all rusty, Tin Man? Maybe a big boost of courage is all you really need to be toto-ly prepared. If you are about to take an algebra class (or have a friend that desperately needs your help), don't wait! Click this link to BUY TODAY!

Want to learn more about Mike's other books? (Spolier alert: Yes, you do.) Click here!


Calculus-Help now 26.2% more fun!

By popular demand, this week's slate of updates heralds the return of music to Now available on the main links bar at the top of every page, you'll find a link to "Fun." Follow this link to listen to, or download, the (oddly) ever popular Quadratic Formula song. You may also want to settle down to the soothing lyrics of The Day Before Notebooks Are Due Blues or The A.P. Calculus Theme Song. It's not even close to the holiday season, but does that mean you can't go and enjoy some holiday carols involving Calculus? (Hint: no.)

If mathematical music is not your thing, that's okay--it's not most people's thing either. The new page o' fun also ushers in the return of the Interactive Cheat Sheet, a flash-based application that presents the most important calculus formulas in one location.

In honor of music's return to, keep your eyes fixed on this very page, because a contest is looming. Perhaps you have a calculus song burning in your very soul. You just may get the chance to unburden said soul for prizes!

Mar172010 Redesigned, Relaunched, Reimagined, Refried

Oh, change. How I fear ye. For ages and ages, has said one thing, and one thing very clearly: "I really am not good at making web pages." Even though that statement is still true, it is yet time to move forward with technology and stop embarrassing myself with my bespeckled backgrounds and retina-scorching graphics that underscore my utter ignorance of graphic design.

I am in the process of migrating my content over to a new web host, and in the process, I am recreating many of the web pages. When this humble web site first began, I created each page from scratch, and a simple thing like changing a navigation bar was a ridiculous task, as it had to be changed manually on hundreds of web pages.

See? I told you I am not good at the internet. Luckily, there are tools to help people like me who have only a passing understanding of what CSS means (comically senile slinkies, fyi). My goal is to begin with the high traffic content, like the calculus phobe videos, and then trudge through the Problems of the Week in a soul-crushing attempt to rework years of problems and finally ditch my awful web design, circa 1995.

Thanks for sticking around, and in lieu of the Under Construction gif that was once ubiquitous (in my day, it was just peachy to use an obnoxious pattern of pebbles and lilly pads as a web page background) I will simply ask for patience as I drag this URL kicking and screaming into the present.

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