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Problem of the Week #3 Posted

What would happen if you dropped something off of the Sears Tower? Even more intriguing, what would happen if ABC were taping its millionth Bachelor special in the building at the time? Find out this week, in the most dramatic rose ceremony Problem of the Week EVER!


400 Facebook Likes and Another 24-Hour Contest

This one asks you to recount the most boneheaded mistake you ever made on a math test. Head over to our Facebook page to spin your tale and qualify for the prize!


300 Likes on Facebook = New 24-hour Contest

This one asks you to recount the strangest thing that has ever happened to you in a math class. Head over to our Facebook page to enter.


Time for Another 24-Hour Contest!

Head over to our Facebook page to enter. Entries are due by 10 AM Eastern on September 9. Good luck!


24-Hour Contest Begins NOW

We hit 100 likes on Facebook, so it's time for a 24-hour contest that tests your creativity. The prize is a signed copy of Mike's new book, so head over to our Facebook page and post your response now!

Thanks for being a part of the Calculus-Help.com relaunch. Every 100 likes we get on Facebook sparks a new contest, until I run out of prizes. Each contest will only run for 24 hours, so keep your eyes peeled and let your creative flag fly!