The Best Strategy For Passing AP Calculus Tests

You may think that I’m here to offer study techniques around memorizing equations and graphing, but I’d like to offer you something different.  It’s hopefully a technique that you have been told before, but I am here to re-iterate it to you. In fact, the entire strategy is around one simple idea.

Sleep.  That’s right, good ‘ole fashion sleep.  One of the biggest mistakes that you can make going into your exam is just getting out of a late night cram session.  A sleep-deprived person cannot focus and therefore cannot learn or apply anything efficiently. Secondarily, being chronically tired to the point of exhaustion means that you are less likely to perform well.  Which means that in the weeks leading up to your exam, you should be training your body to sleep better.

So here is my suggestion for you.  If you are often too tired to stay awake for an early morning class, then take at least 10 days to re-adjust your sleep pattern so you can fall asleep earlier in the night.   Don’t try to change your pattern in just one night… it won’t work.

Slowly change your routine so that on the night before the exam, you can fall asleep easier and be well rested.  My second piece of advice?  Wake up a little bit early and do some exercise.  Running, jumping jacks, sit-ups, anything to get the blood pumping.  About 20 minutes of exercise can help increase your mental energy and get you pumped.  Just make sure you shower after so you don’t distract your fellow test takers.

Remember, sometimes you can do all the studying in the world but you leave out the essentials.  Don’t be like these students:

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