Big Announcement #1 (of 2)

Big news. Huge. Enormous. Large, even. A major part of Calculus-help is about to return.

The Problem of the Week is back! Each Saturday morning you can click on the “Problems” link in the site menu to see a brand-spanking-new Problem of the Week with a full solution. What can you do with a Problem of the Week? Use it to review the topics you’re covering in class, or come back later and work through them to prepare for quizzes and tests. (After all, the answers are included.)

Two problems are currently posted, and the third will appear, as if by magic, by September 17. Each Saturday, until the end of the academic year, a new Problem will be posted.

Let me know what you think. This is a new era for, but this is only phase one. Stay tuned for another Big Announcement soon.

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