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Calculus-Help.com has always been, and will always be, a free resource for students and teachers worldwide. I get quite a bit of traffic to this site, and accoridngly, a lot of people have asked to advertise here. As a matter of principle, I have refused all advertisements. Most ad companies want to serve banner ads, and I don't want to do that. I am willing to sacrfice the moderate income gain knowing that I have complete control over what eyes of all ages will see when they visit my site. This extends to all ads, even the less intrusive Google adwords.

Of course, webbin' ain't free, so I pay out of pocket to host this site, and I am glad to do it. You are under no pressure or obligation to pay for access to the site. However, if your generosity bone gets to tingling, don't let me stop you. Click the button below to send a (non tax deductible) donation to keep the lights on and keep this site free of advertisements.