About The Author

This page is written and maintained by W. Michael Kelley, or as he is sometimes called, "The Colonel." He loves nothing more than encouraging those struggling with calculus. Well, that's not true. He loves one thing more: standing knee-deep in chicken gravy, but that is neither here nor there.

Mike taught math in a public high school for seven years, where he got quite a reputation as a weird and fun teacher, although he was often criticized for his tendency toward scatological humor. During his tenure as a teacher, Mike received a bunch of awards, including Outstanding High School Mathematics Teacher (from the Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics) and Outstanding Math Teacher by the local Electric Company Cooperative. However, he's most proud of being voted the student body's favorite teacher a whole bunch of times.

Mike taught Calculus for five years at both the high school and college level before he pulled up his tent poles and moved on. He's served as the Academic Technology Coordinator for the Education College at the University of Maryland and the Director of Teacher Preparation for the American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence in Washington, D.C. He's even written twelve books that you can learn more about (and perhaps purchase) on this very web site. He currently works for Laureate Education, designing online courses for colleges and universities worldwide.

When Mike met his wife Lisa, he knew it was love because she was able to quote the formula for point-slope form of a line on their first date. They live in southern Maryland with their three kids. And if you ever asked yourself, “But can this man dance?” the answer is no.